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"Flipping" your awareness is when your field of view changes. More specifically, it switches from the regular "1st Person" view to a "3rd Person" view. The only times I have heard of this being done is when the person was threatened. As a natural defense, the field of vision switches, or "flips" from the normal 180 degrees to an almost full 360 degree view. To get a feel of what is meant, picture a video game such as "Doom", or "Duke Nukem 3D". In it, the regular viewpoint you have is from inside the character. But, you can switch this viewpoint to one outside of the character, now able to see not only things around you, but yourself as well.

Ever watch or read Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire"? In it, Brad Pitt and other vamps show off their speed by shooting across the screen in milliseconds. Wanna do it? Tough, I'm afraid it's not real (at least to my knowledge). But, you can accomplish something quite close to it. It's referred to as "blinking". I've read that at first, psi-vamps perform this by accident, and eventually learn to do it conciously. Here's the deal;
If you find yourself doing a repetitive task, focus on only the actions involved in doing it. If this is done correctly, you are able to do what would take minutes or hours, completed in merely seconds or minutes. I'd provide more information on the process, but I myself have not actually done it. There is some more information on blinking that could be very helpful to you at
Aneria Romana's Psi-Vamp Home Page

I think mesmerism is a wonderful gift. It can help save your neck when an ability decides to show itself while in public. Basically, it's a form of persuasion through empathy. It is done by getting close enough to a person (within the range of their energy, their aura), and speaking softly to them (or in monotone). Try to make eye contact, this is normally very vital. It also helps to have physical contact, such as your hand on their shoulder. This allows the signal to get through easier. Just talk to them like this, as if they were having an emotional breakdown and you were consoling them. After awhile, they will soon forget what had happened beforehand. I have done this before, when someone had seen what I was doing to someone when I was feeding off them. They noticed how the person became not as active, and a bit tired. They brought it to my attention that they thought it funny how that was, and I went into my drill of mesmerism, and was able to "help" him forget about it.
Note: This should only be done to save your skin when someone sees you do something you shouldn't be able to. A high sense of morals is vital for psi-vamps. Taking advantage of things such as mesmerism can come back at you with bad results. Wiccans often refer to it as the "Rule of Three"; whatever you do comes back to you three fold. This is a good idea to go by, for it helps build a foundation of moral with day to day life as a psi-vamp.

Tools of the Trade*
There are 3 things (that I know of) which can help you with feeding and things otherwise related;
Silver: When worn, this can depress your feeding abilities. Very helpful for more advanced vamps who might have more powerful abilities; or for those who wish to be close to someone without feeding on them subconciously.
Copper: When worn (skin contact is important, as well as for silver), copper acts as a catalyst for your feeding. It increases your powers of draining those around you; a wonderful thing to have when drained in excess.
Amethyst: If placed in your home, amethyst (so I've heard) can keep
astral bodies from entering your home and feeding on you. This includes all forms of projections or entities that might want to take advantage of the energy you have.