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Psychic Vampires: An In-Depth Look
Psychic vampires, psi-vamps, psy-vamps...all the same, right?  I'm afraid not buddy.  Though psi-vamp and psychic vampire can be classified as the same thing, many feel that psy-vamp is a term not befitting of it's unabridged version.  I'm sure that well before this little document here is complete, I will recieve many a grimace and crinkled nose, for there is no one right way to define us and those close in resemblance.  We'd like to think there is, but in reality to do so would require every psychic vampire to gather at one big happy table and decide.  Until this occurs, it is up to the writer.  Now then, with that out of the way, allow me to give my interpretation of Psychic Vampires.

Psychic Vampires, by my definition, are those which are born with (latent or active) an internal need, a physical need for pranic (life) energy which they themselves cannot supply.  If latent, their awakening ability occurs normally during puberty, with their fully blossomed abilities showing near the end of puberty.  If they discontinue to feed once in dire need of it, they will grow ill and die (as told to me by colleagues whom have claimed to see it).  A human cannot be turned into a psychic vampire, though I believe they can be turned into a psy-vamp (explained in further detail soon).  "Psychic vampire" and "psi-vamp" are one in the same.

Psy-Vamp is one who has a psychological dependency for pranic energy.  If one were to discontinue to feed, they would have signs of withdrawal, but chances of death would be non-existant.  I personally feel that psy-vamps are strictly those who were turned by a psi-vamp.  Hence their period of awakening could be at any point in life when the psi-vamp had turned them.

Other than these key things, the day-to-day life of Psi and Psy Vamps are quite the same.  They go about their business, feed when they wish, and that's that.  Abilities are active in both, and can be aquired through practice.