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Astral Projection

Astral Projection is a tedious but worthwhile task.  In the act of astral projection, one relaxes themselves into a deep state of meditation, and wills their spirit, their astral body, out of their physical one and roam the copy-cat world known as the astral plane.  The benefits of astral projection are many.  Since others are able to project, you can meet them, though physically they are miles apart.  The meditation you achieve is good for your mind as well as your body.  When meditating on a regular basis, you can lower blood pressure, increase vitality and possibly longevity.
But, with every postitive, there is always a negative to factor in.  The number one negative of astral projection for a psychic vampire is that it's not safe, not in the least bit safe.  When astrally projecting, you are basically taking on the form of your natural energy (also known as pranic energy).  While in this state, you are VERY vunerable to others.  It is important to realize that not only psi-vamps are on the astral plane.  There are entities that you've probably never even heard of out there that live only on the astral plane.  They think that psi-vamps are delicious and nutrious energy sources, so be warned.  Astral projection is not promoted at this site, but it is still taught and explained so that you may understand and use it to your liking.
With that out of the way, allow me to explain in more detail the act of astral projection with step-by-step instructions.

  1. Get into an atmosphere where you can relax and be by yourself.  The less noise the better.  Lighting should be comfortable on the eyes.  Lie down or sit down in a position you can remain comfortable in, making sure as to not cross your hands or legs.  I normally find myself in an arm chair with a foot stool.
  2. Once relaxed, begin to meditate.  To help you, focus on something that you're doing, such as breathing.  With your eyes closed, imagine the breath you're taking in through your mouth as clean, pure, healthy air.  Then, as you exhale through your nose, imagine the dark, gloomy, awful air that you're expelling.  Picture it with your mind.  Soon enough, you will fall farther and farther into a deeper state of meditation.
  3. Once in this deep state of meditation, you must embark on one of the harder parts: projecting.  There are many different ways to go about projecting.  The key thing in each, though, is to will yourself to project.  Here's two of the more popular ways;

    i. While in meditation, picture yourself above you.  See with your mind.  There above your head is another you.  Now begin to imagine what it would look like to be up there in that body; imagine what it would feel like, what you would hear.  Soon enough you take on those thoughts and pictures to the point where your spirit, your astral self, is projecting into that body above you.

    ii. Again, while in your deep state of meditation, imagine your body vibrating.  This shouldn't be too hard, because when entering the deeper realms of meditation, your body will naturally begin to tingle throughout.  Let this tingling become stronger, feel your body vibrating.  Now feel this vibration becoming in tune with yourself.  You vibrate along with your tingling sensation.  Let this feeling build, and let the vibrations become so strong that you feel as if you are moving slowly from where you actually are.  Do this enough, and you soon find yourself a good foot or so away. Wa la!  You're projected.

Once projected, you may do whatever you please.  Roam about or look for a friend, it's all up to you!  But again, and we can't stress this enough here at Psi-Vamp, BE CAREFUL!!!  Astral projection is NOT the safest place of psi-vamps!