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The Need to Feed feel you are either a psi, or at least want to find out if you are. Either way, you're hurting right now for some reason and you want to stop it. The answer? Well, for the psi in you, the answer is feeding. Feeding, for psychic vampires, is the act of taking energy from a source by using empathy; the psychic abilities psychic vampires are born with.
Feeding allows a psi to replenish the energy they use during the day and cannot produce on their own. When one is in need of energy (primarily pranic), they are known as being drained. When drained, a psi-vamp will be sluggish, have headaches, and other symptoms similar to someone who is under the weather.

So What Do I Do?
First, you need to focus. A very important note; Focusing is NOT the same as concentrating. To focus, you want to relax. Many first timers will want an atmosphere that is quiet and without distractions. Clear your mind and listen to you breathing. Do this until you are fully relaxed and actually feel a heightened sense of your surroundings. This becomes easier with practice. It should be noted that psi's have this ability to focus naturally, and do not need much time to do so. Keep this in mind when you try to focus and see the results.

Once you are able to focus with ease and in more public places with people about, you can now feed. Your first time feeding should be a person who you can be close to without him/her noticing/caring. If possible, choose someone with high levels of energy (either hyper, upset, angry, etc.). These people can be fed off of and will not notice it as well as people with regular levels of energy because you are feeding off of their excess. Once your subject has been found, and you are focused, feel their energy about them. Feel the energy they are giving off. It is important that you are able to feel your own energy about you, your aura. If you are able to do these two things, then picture the energy of your subject being drawn in by you; actually WILL the energy to come to you.

How you take in the energy is up to you. Basically, energy moves through the body by channels and chakras. The channels carry energy, while the chakras are containers of major power houses of energy. Major chakras include;

There are others, but these are the ones that you should be mostly concerned about. When you draw the energy in from your subject, you want to feel it being brought into one of these chakras. The two chakras best for feeding with (tallied by survey) are the Stomach and "Third Eye" chakras. I personally use the stomach chakra.

Once you have taken in what you feel to be enough energy from your subject, simply stop the flow. A first-time feeder may feel high, almost drugged. You'll be in high spirits and full of pep (most cases than none, but not all). It is important to remember that if you do indeed feel a significant difference from feeding, that it doesn't mean you definitely psi-vamp. Keep in mind that it could all be in your head, and that because you want it to happen so badly, that you think it did. Try to feed for about a week, and see if the improvements are felt throughout. Then stop feeding and see if you begin to feel drained. This can help you in your search for answers.

Human Rights
I said earlier that you would want your first feed to be off of a human (nil). This is because they are best for feeding when first learning the technique. There are many vampires out there that feel feeding off of humans is immoral, or they simply don't like the idea. My girlfriend (I love that sweetheart) doesn't like to feed off of individuals, and will often feed off of other sources with high levels of energy. Some sources include; the Earth, wind, thunderstorms, plants, animals. All of these have energy, some more than others. I personally enjoy feeding off of the Earth and off wind. It is advised that you should stray from feeding off of plants and animals, for they contain smaller levels of energy, and can become pained or even die if fed off of too much.
To feed from these sources, you want to do the same as you did for the individual human; focus and feel the energy of your source being drawn into you. Each source has a different feel and "taste" to it. In fact, seasoned psi-vamps are able to identify a person by the feel of their energy (known as
scanning). They can tell if someone is a human (nil), a psi-vamp, a sanguinarius (blood vamp), etc. They are also able to feel what mood the person is in.

Three's a Crowd
Psychic vampires are able to feed from more than one subject at a time. In fact, feeding off of crowds is encouraged. This way, you take only small amounts from each one, while getting in more than you need. To feed from a crowd, one of the best ways is to first make sure you're focused, and feel the energy in the crowd all around you. Feel it swirl about as the mass moves. Then, WILL the energy to you. Take it in as if you were putting your head in a waterfall and letting the water rush over you. This is an excellent way to feed, and is beneficial to both the feeder and the subjects.

For psychic vampires, feeding becomes a daily ritual. They start to do it with ease, and consider it as normal as brushing their teeth when they wake up in the morning (or night). ;) If you have trouble feeding, then you probably are not a psi-vamp. Don't frown, consider yourself lucky. An addiction is an addiction, be glad you don't have it. I suggest to any that they be reviewed by a psychologist before even considering the possibility of being a psi-vamp (I did myself).