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The following are links to other psi-vamp sites which I have come across. Most of them I have used myself in gathering information for this site, as well as for original reading when I began my search for answers. I hope they are of good use to you, the reader.

Aneria Romana's Psi-Vampire Page
This page provides excellent information on psi-vampirism; abilities, history, tools, tricks, a message board, and other available resources. It is updated weekly, and is a wonderful psi-based web site.

Sanguinarius Vampire Support Page
Though the site is made specifically for sanguinarius (blood) vampires, it does provide information valuable to both psi's and sangi's alike. It also has a small section on psi-vampires, where fellow psi-vamps may post any tips or advice they'd like. The site also has a message board, and a directory listing of the majority of all known vampire sites. It is updated often, and includes numerous links, book listings, terminology for vamps, and a personal ad service for vampires.

Living Vampire Home Page
This site contains listings of books, videos, and articles on vampirism. It also has an excellent classified for vamps of any kind to post want ads and "looking for" messages. It also keeps up with the more recent happenings with vampires in the media, and includes a section on vampire myths and realities. Excellent for getting a feel for vampirism in the 90's.

Catherine's Vampiric Studies Home Page
Catherine's site is a well tabulated hierarchy of vampire classifications. Here, she tries to go into detail about each type of vampire. There are many different perspectives found on this site, and makes for wonderful reading. Helpful for those wanting to learn the differences between the all too many types of vamps out there.

Skywind's Practical Psychic
Skywind's site is not based on psi's in particular, but they can certainly use it to their advantage. The pages listed inside explain basic and intermediate psychic abilities; how they work, what they are used for, and how to practice them yourself. I recommend this site to both psi's and everyday humans. Nils can get a good idea of what psi's work with when feeding or using miscellaneous abilities.

Silent Minion
Dark Jade's Vampire Section of her site lists terms and names of psychic vampires from certain walks of life.  Also listed are many of the misconceptions people have about vampires, along with her personal feelings on vampires.  A good site to look into to get the jist of vampires for who they really are.