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New Paper in Print!

We're happy to announce the release of "Mechanicsburg High Times".  MHT is a bi-weekly online newspaper dedicated to the students of Mechanicsburg Area Senior High, written by two graduates from Mechanicsburg.  Call us bored, call us jobless, call us whatever you feel like, but whatever the reason, here we are.  I myself am Solyd.  The other author of MHT is Lyqwyd.  Our names will be disclosed from the public for reasons of security.  So what's the paper about?  Well, it's safe to assume that WE ARE NOTHING LIKE THE TORCH.  We're here to pick up where the Torch left off.  We will be printing all of the gossip, hearsay, and happenings at MASH.  For those that are computer illiterate, hard copies of the front page will be distributed throughout the school.

We Need Your Help!!

The Mechanicsburg High Times newspaper needs your input!  As the future leader of gossip at MASH, we must maintain a constant flow of news from the school.  So get to a computer and drop us a line at and tell us what you know!  Your name, e-mail address and such will be kept confidential, we just want the dirt!  Make sure that you are thorough with your information, and that you have sources to back you up.  Don't be shy in sending us your thoughts!  We'll print anything from "...well like, Kelly told Shana who told Dana who told Korena..." to things more controversial such as last years run-in at the ski trip, or the supposed stealing of ballots from the prom court nominations.  So send send send!  Music news, gossip, general bitching, sports columns, send it all!  Chances are your story will be printed!
And don't forget, circulation is the key to our success!  You see a copy of our paper in school, read it and pass it along!  See a story that you like or want to lash back at?  Print it out and show it to others!  There are no limitations to your column/story except your vocabulary.


MHT wants you!
The Mechanicsburg High Times is printed every other week.  It's survival is thanks to the students who contribute.  Lyqwyd and Solyd do not print any of their thoughts on a story, and do not take the stories in as their own, so no hate mail!