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My Story
All throughout my adolescent years, I was naturally fascinated with things psychic related. I found that I had in-born talent that, with practice, allowed me to successfully dream lucidly, astrally project, and manipulate my chakras. For a few years this continued. Though difficult, it was very rewarding. Then, less than one year ago, some very stressful and difficult times followed. With counseling, I soon overcame these problems and went on to lead a healthy lifestyle. After six months, though, I sunk into a deep depression. My immune system weakened and I was sick almost every day. I felt that I was missing something; a void that I wanted to fill but didn't know how. I tried with food, the Bible (the Author has yet to find his faith), women, entertainment...but all to no avail.

Then, after a few weeks, he was online when someone whom he didn't know contacted him and said that they could sense he was awakened. I did not know how to react to this, especially since at the time I had no idea what he meant. He tried to explain it, but I soon thought him to be some odd little fellow and left it at that. Of course, I am an easily curious man, and I began to research into what that odd little fellow referred to as "psychic vampires".

I looked at all the resources I could, and found that all had pointed to my symptoms; the depression, a hit to your immune system, that feeling of needing to fill something. From what the sources said, I was a newly awakened psi-vamp that was drained. Basically, they were trying to tell me that something in my life knocked loose this once latent occurence found in a very small percentage of the populus; a deficiency of energy. Psi-vamps are those which are unable to produce enough of their own natural energy (life energy, also known as pranic energy), and have to feed off of people, nature, or any other source of this energy to keep themselves up to par. This explained my drained feeling, for I had yet to know how and why to feed. After learning all of this, the Author remained very skeptical. I recommend this to anyone. No one can tell you what you are except you. It's a self discovery that will take time, but will produce answers
So, with doubts in my mind, I delved in deeper. True, my practices years before with astral projection and such suggested this possibility of empathic abilities, but the idea was too outrageous for me at the time. I went into related chat rooms, read more and more on the subject, and most importantly; I tried it out. I went out and I tried to feed. The rush was incredible. It filled that void that I had in a snap. I remained proud, though. I wasn't yet going to give in to the idea that I was a psi-vamp. The feeding having worked could have been nothing more than something in my head. You want it bad enough, you think it happens. So I continued to practice and speak with others about it. The learning experience was a very fulfilling one. I didn't find any answers at first, but with time they came. I found them inside, and I learned my true nature of being. It isn't an easy finding. Hell, I wasn't fully convinced of my true calling until a few weeks ago, when my abilities grew to the point where I knew they couldn't be in my head. So here I am, the Author, hoping to share what I've learned to help you in your search for answers. You will find on this site information on signs of an awakening, feeding, psi-vamp abilities, and numerous links to related subjects. Best of luck to you on your quest for answers.


The Author