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The following listing is of essays written by myself, fellow psi friends, and various other sources that I have come across. Please feel free to read them all and take in their advice and speculations. As said earlier, it is important to remember that it is only you who knows the truth about yourself. Take all that you come across as opinion, not fact, and keep your mind open to the possibilities.

Psi-Vamp Essays

Pranic Energy

Psychic Vampirism: Definition

Astral Projection


Friends' Essays

Aneria Romana's Feeding Techniques
Aneria does an excellent job on pointing out the types of feeding (mainly proximity and through direct contact), and then goes into each one into a bit of detail. This was one of the first essay on feeding I read when I awakened, and found it to help me a good deal. Be sure to check out her other sections on psi-vampirism.

Sanguinarius Psychic - Energy Vampire Section
Though Sanguinarius's site is mainly for blood vamps, she does have an area for psi-vamps to contribute their essays. It is updated frequently. The listing of essays cover a wide variety of topics; each one or two paragraphs on average. A good spot to learn some of the things psi-vamps pick up on a need-to-know basis.

Catherine's Vampiric Studies Home Page
Catherine's site is a well tabulated hierarchy of vampire classifications. Here, she trys to go into detail about each type of vampire. There are many different perspectives found on this site, and makes for wonderful reading. Helpful for those wanting to learn the differences between the all too many types of vamps out there.

A Theory on Real Vampirism
Sasha's site points out her ideas on the varities of vampires, symptoms they have, and lists sites which tend to deter the reader from the "truth"; a section on her site I feel is quite original AND useful for those looking for correct information that was made for the intent of teaching and not entertaining.

Living Vampires FAQ
A nice Frequently Asked Questions page on psi-vamps. Answers some of the questions you may have been asking yourself, or wish you had thought of yourself.